Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lets Do This

Alright I am back and I am here to make this work, I took some time to re-evaluate my priorities and where blogging sits for me. In the grand scheme of things it falls into a category of importance, but not in the way I thought it would be. For when I sat down to decide where I wanted to be in a couple of years and where I wanted this blog to be I realized that the direction I was heading in was not in the plans. I had started to make the blog my primary focus when in the master plan it should only be a tertiary priority.

Ultimately I had started this blog to record my progress in building a web-comic I have had in the making for years and some where along the way I lost sight of that.. Me and my wify sat down and discussed where we wanted to be in five years and I realized that I had put my goals on hold. I decided that it was time to focus myself.

Don't think however that I am putting this blog to the way side oh no not at all I am merely honing it in on to what my interests truly are. so instead of being about a wide range of topics I will be using this to recap my urban exploration, as well as teaching my self to cook. I will also continue to post helpful tips for the inevitable zombie apocalypse and perform the occasional movie review. I am also planning to begin working on and posting my personal projects.

So I am pulling out all of the old designs that I have put on the back burner with self promises to return to it at a later date and making that date today.

Hard at Work
The Urban Yeti 

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