Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WTF!: Canadian Hobos

I have always been an early riser so has most of my family, even as a teen on the weekends sleeping till 9 was to long. One advantage to getting up early as a kid was that on Saturdays I never missed any of the Saturday morning cartoons. In fact I was usually up so early that I got to watch programming that was aired before the much anticipated cartoons started. Due to my location this meant that I watched two very interesting pieces of Canadian children’s programming. The on right before the actual cartoons began was called Ballooner Landing and was as far as I can remember about a husband and wife duo who lived on a farm. As a kid I once met the stars of this randomly in a Tim Hortons… how Canadian.

The one on before Ballooner Landing was an older set of re-runs that played while I was getting my cereal ready. The show was called The Littlest Hobo and was about an ownerless German Sheppard that roamed the CP Rail helping people in small towns along the way. Think of it as a Canadian version of Lassie but instead of a well groomed border collie we had a dirty homeless German Sheppard.

This show was awesome and I rember it well from my childhood, his ran for so long that it was on the air when my parents were kids as well. A lot of the time to this day my parents and me make references to this piece of both our childhoods. I was thinking of ordering a shirt for my dad for Christmas, I always like to get him things that remind him of his childhood it makes him cry.

Buy it here:

or maybe this one, but it is more funny so probably not:

Speaking of Hobos I came across this online and thought it was awesome enough that I couldn’t help but share it with everyone. It originally had the states but I changed it to be the provinces to make it more Canadian like The Littlest Hobo.

1. Use the month you were born in to find your first name…
January = BC
February = Alberta
March= Saskatchewan
April = Manitoba
May = Ontario
June = Quebec
July = Labrador
August = Newfoundland
September = Nova Scotia
October = New Brunswick
November = P.E.I
December = Yukon

2. Use your first initial to find your middle name…
A = Boxcar
B = Fry-pan
C = Downtown
D = Fly-trap
E = Railcar
F = Rails
G = Old-Timer
H = Longbeard
I = Hobo
J = Bindle
K = Big Time
L = Bandit
M = Curly
N = Cadillac
O = Coal Car
P = Deadhead
Q = Wings
R = Hammerhead
S = Tiny
T = Good Times
U = River Boat
V = Fire Pit
W = Lightnin’
X = Thunder
Y = Patch
Z = Pig Train

3. Use your last initial to find your last name…
A = Slim
B = Smith
C = Charlie
D = Boothe
E = Bob
F = Larry
G = Jim
H = Mike
I = Chuck
J = Bo
K = Pete
L = Legend
M = Don
N = McGee
O = Schmidt
P = Eddie
Q = Brad
R = Russ
S = Joe
T= Tuck
U = Dan
V = Igor
W = Drew
X = Groucho
Y = Kev
Z = Zippy

My name Is P.E.I Boxcar Jim, what is yours drop it in the comments below, I want to hear how ridiculous this can get.

Sincerely P.E.I. Boxcar Jim a.k.a. Urban Yeti

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