Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wedding Aftermath: The Gift for my Bride

I am now taking the time to post the last creative project I made for my wedding. I know that I had talked about having made something for the wedding that I was unable to post before the actual day of the wedding. The reason that this last project was on the down low is because it was a gift for my bride to be. It is tradition that the bride and groom give each other a gift on the day of the wedding to show their love for each other.

One thing about me is that I am terrible at getting gifts for people, I also am not a big fan of receiving gifts ether but that is for another time. So this took a lot of effort on my part to come up with something that would knock her socks clean off. I did a little bit of googling on what some people had done and I came across this idea of a hot air balloon ride. I was all gung hoe for this plan and started looking for someone to provide this kind of adventure in my area. Everything was going great and then suddenly I realized the one aspect that I had overlooked, My Wify is afraid of heights.

So I scrapped that idea and back to the drawing board we go, I was on the right track that is for sure. Instead of buying her a physical thing I was going to take her on an adventure, an experience that the two of us can share and look back on with fond memories. Then I remembered something that my old boss had shown me, an event that was coming to Edmonton. Starting on October 27 at the Telus World Of Science Edmonton an exhibit begins called Star Wars Identities.

Perfect this is something that she will love to go and see, and I can plan a trip around it to make an event out of it. I purchased the tickets to the event and booked us a hotel room so we could spend the night and not have to worry about rushing back. A present like this however is not something that I can just wrap up in a box and give to her. I devised a creative way to present the gift to I would put my photoshop and design skills to good use and make her a personalized card.

I found the star wars font on dafont and scoured google to find the related images to build the card. I do not have any of the rights to the imagery that was used and this is only for personal use so I don’t think that it matters all that much.

The font I used is called Star Jedi and it was awesome to use the only thing that I have to warn about is capitalization. This is why there is a double N in Edmonton so there is no need to use caps lock while using this font, I made that mistake.

It is being able to do stuff like this is why I am glad that I married a Geek.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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