Friday, August 10, 2012

WTF!: Jurassic Park, Supoer Villains and Superheroes OH My

When I am bored at work I tend to use a little website called stumble upon to past the slow moving time. I use it in hopes to find some sort of entertainment that might distract my attention for even a glimpse of time and make the day go by faster. The best part about the website is that you input your interests and things you like and it will take you to random sites around the web accordingly. On top of your choice of interests as you are taken from webpage to web page you can like or dislike and it will alter what it shows you as well as suggest other topics you may like.

If you have not heard of this awesome time killer then check it out here:

So using this tool I have set to my like photography and from usage it has suggested that I like travel. These two topics together get me a significant amount of beautiful landscape images from around the world and thusly I have started a list of some really cool places I want to see for myself not just from a computer screen.

One day while “stumbling”, which whenever I say that it makes me feel like I am talking about being drunk, I came across this beautiful picture of a Island somewhere. There is no description of where this picture was taken or what the name of the Island in question is.

Check it Out:

I was looking at this image when a thought suddenly flew into my mind… This Island would be the perfect place for Jurassic Park!

Then I stumbled across this article about a billionaire who is trying to clone a dinosaur of his own. All I can say is has he never seen the movie Jurassic Park and if not as soon as he even mentioned the thought of doing this why did nobody decide to sit down and educate him on the matter.

Read More Here:

Or maybe he is an aspiring super villain and this is his first step on his rise to the throne of power. Moments of thought like this make me wish superheroes were a real thing and not just characters in fiction. Oh wait… what is that in the sky is it a bird, is it a plain no it is these guys.

Yup another thing I found while stumbling, this is a group of people who have come together to bring down their own form of justice whatever that is. Some of these real life characters go around bust skulls in the name of justice while some go dressed like this to their local homeless shelter an lend a hand.

Check them out here:

So we are ether dealing with a group of vigilantes roaming the streets and stopping “problems” or a bunch of people trying to put a different spin of volunteer work. No matter how you look at it this group has some awesome costumes and I would love to do a photoshoot with this group of individuals. Also the chick, Nyx as she calls herself,  is freaking hot as hell but as me and my friends always say “ You don’t fuck crazy because crazy will fuck you”. I do have to give them credit they are doing something that I do not have the cojones to do.

Just some random thoughts

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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