Monday, August 13, 2012

Geek: Fistful of Rupees

Geekdom is on the rise as we the geeks come clambering out of our pits and begin to shine in the age of the geek. Being a geek means you go to great lengths to prove yourself as a Geek, you are continuously challenged to prove your devotion to others. In that regard that is why Geekdom could be considered a religion, and one that is on the rise at that.

With all these Geeks trying to outdo each other amazing things are made in the process when a geek who has multiple passions merges them together to create something that just astounds us. That being said the geek culture is not one where we ridicule each other it is one of support where we all try to encourage others and bring new people into the fold.

I came across these amazing Geekdom mash-ups Check Them Out:

Ah Geek release is a wonderful thing when you have a moment of time that allows your inner geek squee with delight. Makes the work day go by faster that is for sure and also things like these make my creativity soar. Hmmm I wonder about a HP Lovecraft style of Metroid that could be very cool, or maybe a cyberpunk Tron meets Sonic.

It is great to be a Geek!

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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