Monday, August 27, 2012

Wow from around the Net: Lazy Teenage Superheroes

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t at one point or another wished that they had some sort of super powers. The ultimate question is not what power you want but what would you do with said enhanced ability. If you really think about it do you think you would actually fully utilize the power for good or would you use it for selfish reasons?

This may sound a little jaded but honestly would you go out and start using your ability to save lives or would you maybe make your life easier. I can honestly say being a super powered career vigilante isn’t really a occupation that I want to have. Getting pummeled on by villains while the law enforcement is starting a man hunt for me is not what I call fun and to top it off all while worrying about the government taking me away in the middle of the night for experimentation.

What would I want if I had powers, probably to be left alone and would only use them to make my life easier. Most of the time in comics it is a socially wayward teenager that is the one who suddenly has these unbelievable abilities and has to deal with being bullied all while hiding their new found strengths. Time for another dose of honesty at that age if I had suddenly blossomed into a super powered man I would defiantly not be a hero.

Someone took the premise of having powers and not wanting to step up to take the responsibility of being a hero and made a short movie. What I love most about this little feature is that it is probably how it would actually go if a bunch of teens had abilities. The plot of this is not the most notable accomplishment of this film, the fact that this entire thing is done on a budget of 300 hundred dollars is the most impressive part.

The mastermind behind this youtube masterpiece defiantly needs to have more funding behind him. I could see this becoming a show it would be an American version of the English show Misfits, which I would defiantly watch.

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