Friday, August 10, 2012

From 6 Years down to 6 days: Reserved

It is almost surreal to think that in six short days I will officially be married to my long term sweetheart. After a six year courtship we will finally tie the knot and cross another one of life’s milestones off of our lists. It is seems still so far away and yet in just shy of a week our lives will be forever bound together to share in each other’s ups and downs.

That being said we have spent over a year of planning to lead to this point in our wedding day bliss. A lot of time and energy has been spent organizing everything so that we will have something that many years down the road we can look back upon and smile thinking about. With everything that needed to be done I got assigned the task of making some of the more artistic elements of the event.

One problem that I noticed at another wedding that I went to was that some people tried to sit in the front row of the reception and they were asked to move to make space for the family members who were suppose to be there. Both my Wify and I have grandparents with limited mobility and thusly we want them to be seated in the front row of my ceremony.

To avoid any confusion my lovely Wify came up with a brilliant yet simple idea, in fact I think she got the idea in question from the internet to be quite honest. Reserved Seating sign, such an easy solution to a small problem and I had a teacher once that said a problem she only take as much effort as the issue is worth.

I set out to design the reserved sign and I decide to make it uniform to the other signage I had made. This made making the signs simpler then starting fresh, I sometimes find that starting fresh makes me a little more frustrated faster. The uniformity also makes everything flow together better and if all the elements share common properties then it will make everything seem to belong together better even when they don’t.

Here is what the Reserved Sign looks like:

For all of the items I designed for our wedding I wanted to use a similar font to unify all of the items that I made. I was looking for one that came across as being ornate yet simple, as well as being fun and classy. I was looking for something that on normal description is a oxymoron in itself but I found it. Based on the Tim Burton version of “Alice In Wonderland”’s cover art the right font can do wonders even when taken from such a well known place and altered slightly.

 If you want to get this check it out here:

More to come as I count down the days and sleeps until the biggest moment in my life. 

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