Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wedding Bells and Yeti Yells

Two weeks from today I will have the pleasure of watching the love of my life walk down the aisle to me. Where upon our meeting we can exchange words of love to each other and promise to support one another in front of our gathered loved ones. For me in my personal life this has been the primary topic of discussion that everyone inquires about, a mass majority of my conversations have been lead by this.

To be honest I am very excited about this for it has been in the works for a couple years and my favorite part about this entire shin dig is that we decide to have fun with it. Like everything that I do I put my own style and finesse into this. At first we thought about doing a pirate themed wedding but after much consideration we decided that was not the most appropriate representation of the both of us. So after returning to the drawing board and a fair amount of brainstorming we came to the conclusion of doing a steampunk style wedding.

That’s right Steampunk!

This means that there has been a whole bunch of really cool things I have had to hunt down and find to pull together the theme of our special day. On top of me securing a collection of awesome gear that would make cosplayers and photographers drool, I also go to express myself and utilize my creative side to make center pieces and display items. I put to good use my Photoshop skills to design signs to be placed upon the tables alongside the centerpieces. The best part I had an excuse to go explore kitschy knick-knack stores and scour through unwanted goods in garage sales and thrift shops, one of my favorite things to do.

To be fair however this is not the reason I am excited, sure this helps add to the excitement at hand, but not the only reason. The foremost reason that I am excited for this is because after six years of being together and a long four year engagement I will finally lawfully be wed to my love. This single event signifies the start of our future and our life of adventures and discovery together and once it is done we are on our way to infinity and beyond.

After the vows are exchanged, the food and drink consumed and the cheers of rejoice have died down I will begin uploading all the things that went into this grand event. Not before because I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Urban Yeti

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