Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wtf!: Gender Equality

One great step forward while taking a giant leap backwards gets us nowhere at all if you ask me. In today’s news we are celebrating a great triumph in gender equality. Two women were finally allowed membership to the exclusive Augusta National. Up until this the Augusta held the name of the game of golf to its truest form. For those who didn’t know Golf is actually an acronym, Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden, but I am sure you knew that.

Congratulations are in order for former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and to business executive Darla Moore for being the lovely ladies to hold the honor of becoming the first females to hold membership at Augusta National. Also a Congratulations must go out to Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne for finally stepping out of the dark ages and realizing that times have changed.

That is the big step forward and now time for the Giant Leap Backwards!

A man in Winnipeg is fighting for the right to become  a leader of the LLLC organization and is not allowed because of his gender. For a little more on the back story the LLLC (La Leche League Canada) is an organization that helps and supports mothers who need help or advice with breastfeeding. You are probably thinking “hey wait a man can’t breastfeed so that makes sense.” This is where the situation becomes unique.

Trevor McDonald is a transgender father who chose to identify as a male for a majority of his life and now is the stay at home care giver for his son. Trevor actually breastfeeds his son and is an active member of his local LLLC, he wants to give back to the organization that helped him and is not being allowed to do so.

The LLLC is rejecting his request because they don’t believe that the roles of fathers and mothers are interchangeable and their group is about mother-to-mother help. Well so much for the gender equality movement, and in Canada none the less a country known for its position on equality through cultural diversity. I for one side with this Mr. Mom and say that with so many varying personality types these days there are so many men that are better mothers then women.

Or follow his blog on the ordeals: Milk Junkies

Or send angry mail to here: media@lllc.ca

Myself I believe that women say they want equality but are unwilling to give it there are many stories like this where women want what men have but wont let men do what the women do. Full equality for everyone is what I believe in and it bothers me that people want equality with conditions it does not work that way. Maybe one day I will live in a world where no one is not allowed to do something because of how they were born or at least hope that world exists for my children.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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