Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wedding Aftermath: Tea Towel

Oh my, another post about my wedding and you thought I was done but I still have so many things to share. The day in question has indeed long since past and you would like to think that I would have run out of things to talk about by now but not quite. I am still waiting on photos to come in from the photographers and I am hoping to procure those soon. This weekend depending on how busy things get for me I am hoping to finally get my ass in gear and write my thank you cards.

Look at me go it is only Tuesday and I am already making plans for what I am going to do this weekend look at me go. Well any way I will get to writing those and my Wifey and I got a lot of fantastic gifts from our amazing friends and family. We got so many useful things and I am not trying to say that I pick favorites but there is one that I need to share with people.

One of my close friends who I often affectionately refer to as Kassandra the Barbarian has a serious problem. Her major problem is that she is an addict with a very uniquely modern addiction, she is addicted to www.etsy.com ! Obviously I poking fun at her and actually think it is hilarious just how in such a short time she went from not knowing the site to spending a lot of spare time scouring it.

Etsy is a wonderful place to get unique and creative handmade items and is wonderful if you want to give someone an only one of a kind gift. This is exactly what Kass used the site for to get me a wedding present. The site is also wonderful for obtaining pieces of geek culture especially if you are making a Steampunk costume.

The one of a kind gift that was given to me by my favorite barbarian is a tea towel that was personally embroidered. This is a very special piece that she gave us and I need to find somewhere very special to display it.

What I find I love the most about this tea towel is how adorable the little bride and groom robots are. If you want to find more awesome items from this user check her out the creators Etsy store EmbroideredbySue , she has so many cool things for sale here.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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