Monday, August 20, 2012

Auto-Tune Inspiration

As a child I spent many an hour situated in front of a television set where my young eyes would absorb so many wondrous things. So many cartoons of the time were filled with dynamic characters and interesting and well developed plots. A lot of the shows that filled the airwaves of the nineties were educational and inspired children to use their imaginations to dream up far off worlds and fantastic stories.

Brudar and I would spend hours of our child hood pretending to be the ninja turtles and thusly is the only reason I know how to do stick tricks. Armed with a broomstick and some sticks we would spend hours having amazing battles built in our own minds. I suppose my healthy imagination is why to this day I am a huge fan of role playing games that allow us to be any type of character we want in whatever world we want.

We had Barney and Sesame Street to teach us the lessons we needed in order to properly use our imaginations. There was one show that we would watch that was steps above the rest for teaching us however. There was one man who would inspire us while wearing his colourful sweaters and sporting his red shoes, The one and only Mr. Rodgers.

 I discovered today that PBS the owners of the rights to Mr. Rodgers commissioned a remix of the legend. It seems that the television company finally discovered the Symphony of Science series created by the Youtube user melodysheep, where he takes scientists’ who are discussing different aspects of science and auto-tunes them together. No matter how you look at it this is a great tribute to the man who inspired generations of children to dream big.

Check it out:

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