Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What Did I Just Watch?: The Other F Word

Over the weekend I sat down with one of my good buddies to search through Netflix to find something to watch. We began scrolling through all of the films that they have for our viewing pleasure when we came across a documentary the we both wanted to watch. First off I do actually enjoy a good documentary and after watching one I usually feel better about myself. I think part of the reason that I thoroughly take pleasure in these features is that the make me take a step back and evaluate my life then I realize it could be worse.

The documentary that we watched is called the other F word. The main idea of the film is about punk rock figures and idols who became fathers and the experiences that came with fatherhood. Some big names in the industry such as Jim Lindberg, Flea, Art Alexakis, Tony Hawk and many more lend their names and share their stories of being fathers who the world looks down upon.

This is quite an interesting and very easy to relate to film and a lot of what was said by these ironically rebellious gentlemen have to say reflect my own feelings of fatherhood. Now me and Wify and a couple years from even considering bringing a child into this world but the things that worry me about my capabilities of being a father are expressed in this film. Also some of the stuff  they do makes them Rad Dads and I can only hope to be that sort of awesome father when I have children in my life.

Check out the trailer if my review is not enough to sway you:

This movie was defiantly a good watch and I recommend it as sort of an eye opener for all those rebels out there who may one day be a dad. Check it out, it is on Netflix and defiantly an excellent take on parenting and how it changes things.

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