Monday, August 27, 2012

Wedding Aftermath: Cake

I have been married for about 10 full days now and things could not be going more my way, life with Wifey is bliss. With the stress and craziness of the wedding being over it finally feels like our lives are returning to some state of normality. There is still so much however about the crazy milestone event that passed that I would like to talk about.

Right now I am not planning to be talking about it forever but there are still so many elements that I would like to share on my blog. Which speaking of my blog I am happy to announce finally has reached a milestone of Its own in gaining over 2000 page views Wahooo go me. This Blog is the medium in which I am using to express myself, to share my thoughts and to share the events of my life.

Well back to talking about the wedding, today I would like to share one of the coolest aspects of my geeky steampunk wedding. With a theme wedding that is so unique one of the benefits is that it allows for people to be very creative and thusly some very cool things come to be.

When I was enrolled in post secondary I was attending a trade school, where I made friends with the Baking and Pastry Arts students. This friendship was due to a very close friend of mine who was actually in the Baking class introducing me to them all. This friend, Felixx we will call her, stepped up to the plate when me and my Wifey were in talks about wedding plans. We asked Felixx if she would ever so graciously make one of the most important parts of any wedding, the Cake.

Upon seeing the cake my Wifey and I knew we had put our faith in not only the right person but someone who is very talented. She designed this masterpiece from top to bottom and it turned out way better than anything my wild imagination could come up with. One of the main reasons I knew that Felixx could pull this off and keep to the theme is because in all honesty she is the one that introduced my Wifey and I to the concept of steampunk.

Still on the topic of this wonderful cake creation, in the photos above do you see those little people standing atop the cake. Those beautiful cake toppers are hand sculpted figures of my Wifey and me in our costumes from our trip to this year’s comic expo. These were done by another friend of mine, Jace, a fantastic artist who also helped in the making of the cake.

Check out her DA Account: CootieTourniquet

And here are the toppers:

One more thing about the whole cake experience and I am done I swear. I called on one of my fantastic groomsmen for a favor. I asked if I could borrow a sword from his collection to cut the cake with. Like a true friend he came through and allowed me to use his cutlass to chop into this delightful baked good.

In the end it is times like these that I realize how great my friends are and how they will always come through when I need them. Felixx put in so much work into the cake and it looks fantastic, even the tiny details like the clock being set to 2:22 my lucky number. Jace put so many fine little features and the toppers turned out amazingly. I am so appreciative of everything that they did for my special day I don’t think I can ever thank them enough.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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