Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wow from around the Net: Taken Nemo

I remember in 2003 when suddenly Disney and Pixar released one of their many cinematic master pieces to theaters Finding Nemo. I was in middle school and suddenly all of my peers were speaking whale and chanting “Mine”. It was the kind of feature film that was enjoyed by both children and adults due to its fun and colourful characters.

It almost seems that it was due to lending her voice to the forgetful Dory that Ellen DeGeneres’s star rose to its current heights. The plot to the movie was heart wrenching, a story of a father searching from his child that was TAKEN from him. The movie to say the least was just pure gold and was a sparkling example as to the wonder that is Disney and Pixar.

Now I wonder what would happen if you took the plot that made many a people shed a tear and turn it into something more adult. What we are talking about is a Dark movie about a father who has had his child TAKEN from him and will stop at nothing to get their offspring back. I wonder what that movie would be like, maybe it would be a gritty action packed film with lots of guns and dead henchmen whose lives were TAKEN by a vengeful father.

I wonder what we would call that movie.

Oh wait I go it, the movie would be called TAKEN and would star the very man who trained both Obi Wan and Batman, the one the only the Badass Liam Neeson. 

With that basic comparison of the plot let me show you something that I found on the fabulous inter-web. Someone else figured this out and decided to mash up the two trailers and created this viral masterpiece.

I don’t know about you but if there was a film as cartoony as Finding Nemo but the gritty dialog of Taken I don’t think my brain could handle the awesome.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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