Friday, August 10, 2012

Wow from around the Net: The Gift

Carl Erik Rinsch don’t recognize the name, don’t worry nether did I, I had to do some research tofind out who this guy is but eventually I figured it out. Carl is the protégée of legendary film maker Ridley Scott, who is best known for his legendary cinematic masterpiece Alien. We have also had Ridley around to wow us with the cult classic Blade Runner, scare us senseless with Hannibal, take us back in time with Gladiator and made us witness the horrors of war in Black Hawk Down.

Ridley took Carl under his wing and had groomed him to take over the business of amazing story telling through cinema. In fact Mr. Rinsch was set to be the director of the recent major motion film Prometheus, but major network Fox would not hear it and forced Ridley back into the franchise.

Fear not however Carl Erik Rinsch may still have his chance to create wonderful sci-fi cinema for everyone to enjoy. He participated in a competition a couple of years ago held by the Philips Company called Parallel Lines. In the competition film makers had to create a short film using the same script and were awarding according to creativity.

The script is as follows

“What is that”
“It’s a Unicorn”
“Never seen one up close before”
“Get Away, Get Away”
“I’m Sorry”

Pretty simple script that is very open ended and thusly allows for a significant amount of creativity to grow from it. That in mind Rinsch’s creation is spoken in Russian I believe, I am not a hundred percent on that but it is my best guess. I watched it not knowing what was being said and still I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

Check It out:

I watched a bunch of the other entries into this contest the top ten films are amazing and defiantly worth seeing. So check those out as well.

Unfortunately he did not win the competition he entered but he won something bigger this was done so well that people are bidding to make it into a full length film. This bidding war happened just over two years ago and there had been nothing yet on that front. Maybe if people get behind this the fantasy world in this short film can become something so much more and we may just have another fantastic sci-fi thriller on our hands.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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