Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Polling for a new Name

Well here is the situation, I have grown tired of the segment title “Cooking Concoctions” and I have decided it is time to change it up a bit. This does by no way mean that I have gotten tired of hitting the kitchen to try new things I just don’t like the name anymore. So I came up with a couple of other names for this segment and would like you all to vote to decide the new segment name.

None of these names I am a hundred percent sold on ether but I do like them way better. To be honest I had a brilliant Idea last night right before I fell asleep but alas when I awoke this morn it had escaped me. So I have included my email address so that if you have a better idea for it you can send me a message telling me.

To help with this I have come up with a brief description to explain the segment.

I am a self taught cook learning from the internet and trying to make new things. I am the cook in my family and am always trying to expand my skill set. I am a hardcore geek and as such sometimes like to pose my toys with the food I make. I one day hope to make my own cook book outlining what I have learned and the recipes I have made. A lot of the time I will mash up two different recipes I find online to make my own just so I am not accused of copying.   

So if you got a great name for me give me a shout out otherwise the poll will close at the end of the month. Happy Voting


  1. Mac'n'Tony - like macaroni but more sexual ;)

    1. interesting I like it!
      but i use a internet handle granted I do not try to hide my identity but still