Tuesday, August 7, 2012

9 Days left and look at the Table Toppers

9 days left till my big shin-dig goes down there is still a lot to do and it is getting to be down to the wire. After so many years of being together and talking about doing it, finally tying the knot is kind of a big relief and is super exciting. Tensions are high, nerves are going at full tilt and the sense of excitement resides in the air being in crunch time we are now fretting and sweating over the little details that are left to do.

All and all my bride to be is a super planner and this does not leave me with a lot of responsibilities to do. Trust me I am really ok not having a whole ton of stuff to do, this is her dog and pony show and I am happy enough to step aside at let her go to town organizing everything. That being said it is not like I didn’t step up to the plate and leave everything to her, she did actually give me the privilege to do some things.

One of my talents resides in the graphic arts and therefore I got the task of making some of the visual elements of the wedding. The biggest thing that was assigned to me was that I got to make was the table toppers. Most of the time people go with basic numbers to make it easy on their guests, but I don’t think it is fair to assume that the people I have invited are stupid so we made it a little more challenging. My Wify and Me are big geeks for film, comics and literature so we thought we would incorporate those interests into the wedding by making them the toppers. I tend to be a little bit obsessive compulsive and like things to be uniform in set up so I took it one step further.

The theme for our toppers is….


I sat down with my beautiful bride and came up with a list of our favorite movies, comics and books to come up with a list that include both of our favorite organizations within them. It was fun, at first we had a large list and it was easy to cut it down because we had a couple of specifications for the group to make the final list.

  1.  Has to be an organization
  2. Has to have a logo…this was challenging for some of the novels
  3. The logo has to work with the feel of the wedding

After we came up with our list I set out making all of the table toppers.

The final list of tables is as follows

  1. The Empire (Head Table)
  2. Aperture Science
  3. Blue Sun
  4. Umbrella Corporation 
  5. Camp Half-Blood
  6. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  7. Cherub
  8. State Alchemists
  9. S.H.I.E.L.D.
  10. Wayne Enterprises
  11. The Mandalorians
  12. The Xavier Institute
  13. The Fellowship
  14. The BPRD (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence)
  15. Weyland Corp
  16. Corvinus Clan  

I have a couple more cool things that I made for the wedding but more on that as we grow closer to the date.

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