Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wedding Aftermath: Her Vows

I am currently living in the bliss of reduced stress that comes with the completion of my wonderful wedding. With these days I am slowly letting my nerves settle and rejoicing of the events that past with my friends and family. I still have so many things to share of the events that happened and even though the day has past there are still things for me to do, like filling out the thank you cards for everyone.

It would probably be in my best interest to start the writing part of that but as it stands my wife and I have decided that we would include in our cards photos of the people the cards are for. This means that to complete this project at this point we are waiting on getting said photos back from our photographers. From one of our photographers I was able to get a little bit of a preview of what is still to come so check out how awesome we look.

The other day I posted my vows on here for the world to read how much I am in love with my beautiful wife and all I promise to do for her, including hauling her book collection. I thought it would only be fair to post the other half of the vows that were said and share her set of vows. This required that I pester her for her vows which she re-wrote the night before the wedding, true story I had mine done over a month before like a boss. That being said I still had to look up at the ceiling and blink a ton to stop from crying during the ceremony, I know I am a big old suck.

Read her beautiful vows:

I promise to take you as my husband in this realm and any other world we adventure together. I will love and fight with you through the boss battles of life and will support any decision you make whether you decide to be an office gremlin or a knife wielding Halfling rogue.
I love you more than life and am happy to have found my zombie apocalypse partner so early in life.
I want to be your wife and your warrior queen, The Zoe to your Walsh, or the Princess Leia to your Han Solo.
I want to live long and prosper with you. And give you the one ring that shows how much I love you.
Today, right now, in front of our loved ones, I tell you I love you, and become your wife.”

If you could not tell from reading both of our beautiful vows we are both colossal geeks and that is the way that we like it. 

Also while I was scrolling through my Facebook I found that one of my friends had posted a whole bunch of photos that she took while in attendance.  From the amount of camera flashes I saw on the day of I am hoping that more photos will surface on my social networking sites so that I can share them on here. Until then here is a couple of photos to tide you all over.

The ceremony, First Dance and me Dancing with my mama.

My favorite Ginger as one of Groomsman being awesome and kissing a hippie I mean my friend phil

I know that with weddings people tend to talk about their own for such a long time but with the amount of work that went into it can you really blame them. Also weddings are awesome whether they are yours or someone else’s they are always fun, I am going to be in attendance of one on Saturday this week and will try to share the photos with you.

Until later

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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