Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Survive a Zombie Apocolipse: Princesses


You have been warned officially so no complaining from here on out. That includes the eyes of adults who have grown up physically but are still kids at heart. There is a lot of artists from all over the web that take characters from all sorts of fiction and transform them into zombies. This includes the idols of little girls all over the globe, the Disney Princesses.

It is not as bad as it seems however it is merely a giant kick right in the childhood that could leave your inner child crying over its memories being destroyed. This is not like my other posts about the impending zombie apocalypse and steps to prepare to survive it. This was just some awesome digital art that exemplifies the horrors of what zombies could look like if they got a hold of our childhood icons.  

There is an artist on the social media site for artist who has done some stunning zombie portraits of Mickey Mouse’s girls. As of right now the artist going by the online handle *clocktowerman has only posted four of the fictional princesses but they are fantastic. I am not going to lie I am actually looking forward to see how he thinks that the rest of the tiara toting ladies will look when infected with the dreaded zombie virus. 

My favorites are Belle and Cinderella because it looks like they were survivors that lost the battle and turned.

Check them out Here: 

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