Monday, August 13, 2012

Three Days Left To Go: Seating Chart

It is the Final Countdown down to the last three days until the magical day in which I promise myself to the woman I love for the rest of my life. 3 days left and it is creeping up fast on me there is so many little things that I have left to do as well as a lot of family events that I am required to attend. The amount of time I have to do things is significantly less than the amount of time I need to do everything, there are a lot of times I find myself saying “I will do that after the wedding”

With so few days left there was still a big amount of things to do this weekend that required my attention. I spent two days laying down sod and doing other finishing touches on the home renovations at my folks place. That is relevant to the overall event because they are taking on a big burden of handling the rehearsal BBQ so the least I could do is give them a hand.

I am coming out of a weekend more exhausted then I was going into it with so many tasks left before the big day. There were a lot of little things that still needed procuring and that included two trips to Michael’s to pick up some needed supplies. I finally got to finish the seating chart I still may put a couple of finishing touches tonight if I get the chance to but we will see.

 I got to have some creative liberties with the seating chart. This will be the first thing that folks will see when they walk into the reception and guide them to find their fictional organization. So the first requirement is that it needed to be big. So I started by obtaining a piece of foam board and a poster board and picked the smaller size to work off of.

This project was an excellent excuse for me to get a new set of water colours to create the primary background. First I painted a base of golden yellow trying to coat as much as possible to give the entire thing a underlay. Next I used a brown to give the entire thing a texture and make the background have more depth to it.

Using some stickers I found in the sale area of the scrapbooking section of Michael’s I formed the borders in the corners. Once the poser board had dried I affixed with glue the poster board to the foam board.

Using a basic printer I printed out a card for each table which I had designed on my computer using the table toppers as a basis to keep continuity. After printing I found the colours to not be organic enough for the effect I wanted so I added a water colour overlay. Here is where I get to apply little ingenuity, instead of using basic water for this water colour I brewed some coffee and used that with the golden yellow.

After using the water colour on the table cards I attached each card to a dark brown piece of texture card stock. This adds a much needed contrast to the entire thing with the light browns and yellows this bold accent makes everything stand out a lot more.

 With ruler in hand I laid out all the cards in the appropriate order on the poster board and I only screwed up the order once yay go me. I used some of the Wify’s books that she always has lying around to weigh down the cards in order to allow the glue to dry. This process also stopped the wet white glue from causing the paper to curl.

There are still some things that if I had some more time I would like to try but unfortunately I do not have the time to do them. In some ways I feel like this looks like a grade school project but it is what it is and that is just my inner self-loathing critic talking so let us ignore him and be proud of my accomplishment. My coffee table is a utter mess after a large mix media project such as one like this, but this is just one of the prices of art.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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