Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sexy Farming

While browsing the internet today I saw this at work today and it gave me a good chuckle. I love it when some puts together a fantastic parody. Youtube has made it very easy for creative minds to put their creations out into the universe for all to see. Musicians and Amateur movie makers can move out of their parents basements and start to get their name into the world. I personally support these forms of creative expression and think everyone else should too, if these people who make a video that gets a lot of hits Youtube will actually start to pay them. I know that not every artist wants to get paid for their work but for a great number of them the money could be put towards creating more of their art.

My Enjoyment of a music parody is a throwback to the early 90’s when I was but a young pup and the big music in my elementary school if you were not into Britney Spears was Weird Al. His music always made me giggle and the fact that he took popular music my parents listened to and made it about ridiculous every day topics always tickled my funny bone. The internet is full of very terrible ones so every now and again finding a gem like this is outstanding.

This is also funny to me because I have grown up in cow town and know a bunch of people who are farmers and this reminds me of them. My Wifey did a stint of post secondary out in a small farming collage called Olds, and many of the friends she met there are like this. This also just goes to show the agriculture still exists in North America, which means infrastructure yay and also areas to grow your own food in a zombie attack. So check it out.

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