Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dungeons and Resources: Character Builder App

With so many advances in technology these days it is no surprise to me that there are now RPG apps. I myself am a iPhone user and I find myself using a lot of different apps for different things and GMing is no different.

I have spent a fair amount of time scouring the app store for any kind of app that would help me to build upon my game. As a GM keeping track of NPCs can be challenging especially in a world as in depth as shadowrun. Finally I made a discovery, an app that not only allows me to generate random characters but also lets me edit them how I need too. The app is called " RPG Character Generator " and let me start by say this needs to be included on every DM's iPhone or iPod Touch.
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Granted that the random characters tend to be more fantasy based then sci-fi but it is a small detail that I can work around. One of the great features of this app is that it also stores the characters generated so as to be called upon at a later time. This becomes handy while behind a DM screen because sometimes my phone is easier to operate then a computer.

The code monkeys of lvl99games knew what they wanted when they put this wonderfully useful app together. After using this for a short while I could tell that this was designed with the kind of user in mind, because lets face it most DMs are the kind of people who are always changing things.

One of the advantages of having an app to do tasks like these is that now you can build your campaign while on the go. This allows that if you are out and have a random thought about some kind of enemy that would be awesome to throw at your players you can record it before you forget it.
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A great big thank you goes out to one Mr. Steve Jobs for making geeks lives everywhere much easier. For the GM on the go this app is one I personally use and recommend for building a well integrated and complete fantasy world.

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