Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WTF!: Fight Church

The world is beginning to become the kind of planet I don’t want to live on anymore the reasoning being multiple but ultimately it is due to a lot of things that are coming out of America. Whilst surfing the web today I found a kickstarter project called fight church, a documentary project that revolves around several people trying to connect their faith to a barbaric battle. I take a step back from this and go wait a tick is it not the ideal of Christianity to stop violence and promote love. Then I read the tag line for this feature and it reads “Can you really love your neighbor as yourself and then punch him in the face?” let me answer that like this NO.

Love and Violence do not go hand in hand, by asking if you can love your neighbor and then hurt him is like saying it is ok to beat you wife because you love her so much. These are very simple concepts that it appears are hard to comprehend but the best way I can put it is that you can pray to whatever deity you choose but if your deity is about love then violence is not in his realm. Don’t get me wrong I am all for organized fighting and martial arts and if you choose to have a religion all the more power to you but some things just don’t blend well together.

You can do both if you choose but taking a piece of sacred scripture and modifying it in such a way that the meaning is lost is terrible. These self proclaimed “Christians” are just as bad as the suicide bombers who warp their religion to make it ok to kill all the infidels. How people can look at something like this and say to themselves “Ya that makes sense” is beyond me.It is almost as if somebody was trying to figure out how to reach out to kids to get them to join religion and then they looked at fight club and was like bingo.

DO NOT bring your lords name into a fight or you are just asking to start another holy war or the next crusades. Leave you lord at the ring side. Don’t get me wrong I am not aiming my feelings of outrage at the film makers they are just taking a subject and recording it for us, I am upset at those featured in this film convincing children that god wants them to fight for him is just plain wrong. This documentary does nothing to help change the stereo type that Americans are bible thumpers who enjoy too much violence.


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