Thursday, June 14, 2012

Updated Plans

So I am sorry to all of my faithful readers I have not been updating as regularly as I had planned for the reboot of my blog. It has been stupendously busy the last couple weeks and thusly I have not been able to preform to my own set of stipulations.

That is however not to say I am done, oh no it is quite contrary to that. I am going to spend a fair amount of time over the next week preparing so as to continue my reboot. I am hoping to get ahead of the curve so as to make things a lot easier for when events like this start to happen.

This next week marks the start of my new job and so to ease the transition between jobs I will not be making my regular posts. However I will be traveling this weekend to Winnipeg for my cousins wedding. I am taking along my trusty camera and am hoping to take a bunch of photos to go along with it.

One of the new format changes I am making is to my name, Alternetive Design is now a group of projects that Wify, Brudar and myself do. So the name is now going to change to Adventures of an Urban Yeti. I am not actually a Yeti but I am a small Sasquatch, and Urban Yeti sounds so much better.

With the new blog I am going to start expanding my creative skill base by tackling so bigger projects. Including a bunch of video ideas, so I am going to actually load my own videos to YouTube.

The horizon holds big plans for me let's see if I can keep up.

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