Sunday, June 17, 2012

YWG Day Three: The Final Day

My cousins wedding was crazy amounts of fun last night and today is my last day in the city of Winnipeg. Being older now visiting with all my cousins is completely different then it was before when I was younger, I no longer feel like I am on the outside of the group like I use too. Conversing with my cousins is a lot more enjoyable now compared to when I was younger and I was the artistic kid and they all liked sports but this time we could laugh together and have a jolly old time. It was nice having my beautiful Wifey by my side while I rediscovered my family roots and ties, and like times gone past my brother stuck by me so that we wouldn’t have to face the kin alone but as a united front. 

I have a slew of photos from the evening of my family that I want to share but right now I need to stop typing so I can pack. There is one more family event to go before we hop on a jet plane and head back to my wonderful city of Calgary. Check out is in a couple of hours and as always my father has planned everything down to the last minute for our trip so we must not be late for his very important dates and times.

I hope Mr. Devo is happy with the rock we found him on the beach of Lake Winnipeg.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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