Monday, June 4, 2012

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse: On the Horizon

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Good morning Zombie Fans

This just in the world is going crazy and the first reports have been filing in for two weeks now. If you havn't heard you will certainly find yourself living under a rock located with in a bubble.
Now for those who don't seem to be wired in, there has been an event now commonly known as "the Miami Zombie." What happened was A stark naked man attacked a random 65 year old man and began to devour his face. This sent up a red flag on my zombie radar, currently I am on a stage 1 alert. Stage one means that all news gets picked over with a fine tooth comb, and I start stocking up.

Second report is from Maryland where a student admitted to killing and eating his roommate's heart and part of his brain. This is a strange account however the admittance and heart parts mean that it is nothing more then an early Hannibal Lector in the making. Also there is quite a distance between the two incidents with no recorded incidents in between.

Now for the next eyebrow raising incident, this one is my second red flag one more and I got to stage two. A man in New Jersey, still quite a distance from incident one, stabbed himself 50 times and then proceeded to throw pieces of his intestines at the police. After quite a struggle the man was taken down and apprehended.

Read this article for more:
Zombie News

There have been quite a few crazy stories raising out of the woodwork, my geek mind is now formulating other possibilities of what could be happening. My hypothesis is that we may be dealing with and H. P. Lovecraft type scenario in which an elder god has begun to drive men to madness. Rather accurate if you add in the mailing of body parts in Quebec or the mother eating her babies brain for youth. We could also be witnessing a series of fringe scenarios but ether way lets all keep our heads up and our ears to the ground.

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