Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What If Wednesday: Space Crew

The movie Prometheus is coming out just over a week from now and as a movie geek I am hoping that it will mark a new chapter in sci-fi films. Set in the same universe as the Alien films this film could potentially be one of the first stages that lead to the film series that is loved by movie lovers.
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In my group of friends this movie has been a bit of a talking point, us being sci-fi fans and all. Well in the bar on Saturday Kenneth the third decided that we should participate in a little exercise. This is an exercise that is done by geeks all the time especially when it comes to geeky films coming out. The idea is to fill all of the positions a deep space exploration ship would need for a full crew with you playing the role of a civilian scientist.


Captain - Hugh Laurie
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This grizzled looking man has the charisma to entice anyone to do his bidding as well as his attitude demands respect. Think of Dr. House's genius when he is not pumping drugs into his veins commanding a ship. The only thing is I would want Hugh to use his true British accent that he has been repressing all this time.

Ex O - Angelina Jolie
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The stunning Mrs. Angelina Jolie would make an excellent ExO her firm attitude off put by her sensual looks. She has already played a role like this once before in the very steampunk film "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" and let me tell you she did awesome.

Navigator - Matt LeBlanc
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Yes he played the dumb but lovable Joey on friends and that is what he is best known for but don't count him out for sci-fi just yet. For those who don't remember he played Major Don West in the 1998 remake of lost in space he did pretty good in that flick and I think playing the navigator would be right up his ally.

Warrant Officer- Vinnie Jones
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This Soccer hooligan is one of my favorite cult actors and has a tendency to play gruff take no attitude kind of guy. As a warrant officer aboard the ship he would scary anyone who tried to step out of line. I would probably make sure there is an Exoskeleton Suit called the juggernaut, just for fandom sake.

Chem Eng - Robert Downey JR
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Don't think of the brilliant but boozy Tony Stark think more like the drugged up Sherlock Holmes, ether way he seems to be type cast and does it very well. As the ships mandatory chemical engineer he would work closely with me the civilian scientist and be a mediator between me and the others.

Tech Officer - Ryan Reynolds
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First off this cast needed a Canadian that is for sure, so why not the sexy and witty Ryan Reynolds. Now every crew needs a smart ass who fixes everything when it breaks down and I think the Ryan and his smokin abs are perfect for this job.

Love Interest - Scarlet Johanson
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She is the military assigned scientist on this trek to discovery, she is cute and geeky. She is not a fan of having to share her lab with me and we start off on a very wrong foot, but after some humbling moments and a couple of near death experiences we begin to fall for each other.

Med Officer - Sigourney Weaver
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What is science fiction without it's queen, nothing! Therefore it is a must that we have the fantastic Sigorne Weaver on the grand stage as the Med Officer. For fun however and the pure irony of it she will have to probably die second just to screw with people.

Synthetic - Alan Rickmen
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What every sci-fi film needs is a sense of AI, be it a computer or a cyborg it needs to be there. As geeks the robot is usually one of the favorite characters, and using a cult British actor seems the perfect fit. That and his monochromatic tone is just perfect for a synthetic life form.

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