Thursday, May 24, 2012

What did I Just Watch?: Chronicle

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With all these hero movies coming out it is hard sometimes to think about hero films that don't revolve around men in tights and perhaps all these super films are ruining us when it comes to darker takes on heros and villains. These past couple years where the geeks have finally come out of the woodwork for their chance to shine has shown a significant increase in the production of sci-fi and fantasy films. Yesterday I was in timmies with Kenneth the Third and he stops conversation mid stride to tell me that there is this amazing flick that I need to watch called Chronicle that he bought on a whim. We then promptly finish out coffees and swiftly rush to his place to pick it up.
Back in my own fortress of solitude we pop it into Heir Thurs my playstation and begin watching an abused boy who has started filming his life. I feel sorry for this lad being a victim of bulling as well, I cannot relate to the being abused by a parent luckily enough. Then the terrorized kid, his stoner cousin and the schools popular jock find a cave with some crazy glowing rock formation.
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Then boom the three get crazy telepathic abilities and are able to do all sorts of crazy things. I won't spoil to much about this film and this is all things that you would find out about if you watched the trailer.
What I liked about this film is that every camera angle is explained, wether security footage or handy cam, all of has purpose. Also the camera angles become better as the main troubled teens abilities increase because he is able to move it around with his mind. This isn't the first film that has used this style, for example cloverfield, but this is the first time that I have found that it actually works very well and unlike the other films it is not just shot from one camera.
One other aspect of this film stands out to me, it is how real the characters feel. I found myself grow attached to these characters and as things escalated I was truly upset and felt unsettled by what happened to them. To me strong character development is what makes good films stand apart from a terrible film.
If I have not made it very apparent yet I tend to give away things unintentionally, but I am trying to be ominous right now. The thing about this flick that I liked the most was that the ending was left open but it still felt as tho you got closure about everything.
This film blew my mind a little bit and all I can say is if you ever get the chance to watch this flick do so.

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