Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My life is getting crazy

My posting has been fairly erratic as of lately and this I am very sorry of but it is for two major reasons that this is happening. First off there is so much for me to do and so little time to do it all I feel as tho I am starting to wear myself thinly. The second reason is because I tend to be a little lazy and a bit of a procrastinator, I am great for conning up with grand ideas but my follow through is terrible. Then again I don't know many people who are not procrastinators. Some times I wonder if we became this way because of television, I do find myself yawning fairly often.

I do not like to use this outlet as some where that I go to complain about all my woes, I had hoped that is would be a creative and positive source in my life. On that note let me switch gears on to positive things such as the cool "adventures" I have had.
Let's start with the long weekend that just passed for all us polite igloo dwellers here in the great white north. What holiday granted us an extra day of weekend with pay those who don't live Canada may find themselves wondering, well let me answer that for you it is Victoria Day. This is the day where we Canadians celebrate the queens birthday, because us being the peaceful bunch we are asked to separate from Great Britain rather then revolt against. Thusly we say thank you to the royal family by honoring the Queen by taking time of work to consume beer in her name.
For the long weekend I did not just spend the whole time swilling beer down my gullet, no I in fact did a great many other things.

On Friday (because I got that day off paid as well) Brudar, Mr. Devo and myself met for a splendid Denny's morning feast headed to our new favorite geek store Imaginary Wars. I was in look of paints for my minis and Mr. Devo needed some new dice because his were misbehaving and rolling bad. We shall be melting them into a bowel for the problems they have caused. Brudar however decided that the big purchase he was going to make was the extremely geeky game Munchkin. Upon his grand purchase he ripped it open in the store and like any good gamer store they allowed us to sit in the store and play.
A Fantastic time of hilarity ensued as we struck alliances and broke them. We enjoyed it so much that we called up our fellow geeks and played again in the evening. With a yummy stew and plenty of caffeinated beverages the laughter lasted till well after midnight.

Saturday my services of were commissioned by my future father in-law to help him in the construction of a pontoon party boat. A day of mild labor in the sun was a great way to spend my Saturday and the boat is starting to look real good. I can not wait for it to be finished and to take the boat out to the lake and have some fun with it.

It began last week one of my favorite seasons, the season where people open they garages and the hunt begins that is right GARAGE SALE SEASON. This is probably one of the few reasons I want to subscribe to the news paper just so I could look up where some are.On Sunday me and the wifey went to a parade of garage sales near our neighborhood, and trust me we made some pretty good finds.

Then the day of the queen came and how did I celebrate, by doing nothing because my weekend was so busy almost all my energy was drained. I will try to upload the photos of the weekends events once I get home but for now this is what has been happening to me

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  1. I love Munchkins.

    It can be tough to follow through, I know this well, but doing so sets you apart from the procrastinating, idea generating peeps.