Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DS Gaming on the Go: 358/2 days

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This is something new I am going to try to blog about what I am playing on my DS. As a gamer with a life I find sitting down to play through console games to be a fair bit of a challenge. This leaves me with a dilemma of how to be a gamer and continue to play games whilst having to move about the city. See I tried at first to set aside time to show my controllers some loving but this was also cumbersome and felt more like a chore then fun.
Then I remembered how I use to love road trips because it meant that I would have many hours of almost zero interruption quality time with my gameboy. To me it was the best part of traveling anywhere because unlike at home where my mom would tell me to go outside and play in a car I am stuck. It dawned on me gameboy I how I shall continue to carry my gamer title. So I picked through my collection of games and picked one that I had always wanted to play but never found the time.

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

I am going to pull the most cliche thing that anyone who rates anything does... I give this game 4 out of 5 Keyblades. To keep this fair I played through the game on a medium challenge level not to easy not to hard but just the right amount to keep it interesting. In total the game took me 40 hrs spread out across three weeks I put a good chunk of effort into making sure I completed the game.
My favorite part of the role playing kinds of games is the extensive story that goes into them. Story is where Square Enix games shine an stand heads above the rest of gaming companies the characters are alway very interesting, even if they tend to be super anime characters.
The actual cut scenes that broke up the game were amazing and made it feel like it was a real console game. However the talking scenes in between every mission seemed to be endless with walls of very frivolous text that I had to force myself to read through and not just mash the A button. While playing Brudar and myself began to read them aloud and give the characters ridiculous voices. Also to keep ourselves amused any time Axel or Roxas conversed we played the fortune cookie game and added "in bed" after every sentence.
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( I picked this photo cause my lucky number is in the upper left hand corner)

The controls were pretty straight forward and made the gameplay like that of a console game. I however found the "panels" system to be frustrating and interesting at the same time and I found myself having to use long dormant Tetris skills to squeeze in every ability that I wanted.
In the end it is a great game and really bridges the gap between Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. You don't really need to play the console games to enjoy this in fact of anything you should play 1 then this so things don't get too spoiled for yourself. Give it a shot yourself and see.
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