Thursday, May 3, 2012

What did I Just Watch?: The One

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Not many people I know don't enjoy a good martial arts film, if people didn't like a punch them up then names like Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee or Jet Li would never have become household names. I always enjoyed the films with Jet Li in them I found them to be a little grittier then say Jackie Chan Films which were always a little too much slap stick. I was browsing through Netflix earlier this week when I came across "The One" and thought why not.

So as always SPOILER ALERT

The plot of this film starts with Jet Li as a rat in prison being transferred to avoid harm from the inmates he narked out. As they transfer him suddenly he gets shot through the head and I am like whoa kill of main character right of the bat crazy. Then the guards open fire on the vents and who pops out and kills them, Jet Motha Fucking Li.
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The new Jet Takes off like a bat outta hell out running the armored rent a cops in their SUVs. Then in an unmarked cop car rolls up Jason Stathum and they chase him down and capture him. Turns out that this secondary Jet has been jumping from reality to reality killing himself to gain power, he has but one left. Cue the exploding mouse and he escapes to try and become god.
Ultimate show down of good Jet Li against bad Jet Li. Raising a question in my mind, if you kill yourself in an alternate reality is it murder or suicide?
Cheesy sci-fi plot an all not a bad film albeit predictable, but for an action film not the worst in the world. If you don't care about cliche plot devices and enjoy a good old beat-um-up this film is pretty good and worth seeing if only once.

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