Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What if Wednesday: Avengers Assemble

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Tomorrow is the midnight release of The Avengers movie, a film I have been waiting for since Joss Whedon graced the stage and announced it was being created. Now I myself would not dare to brave such an event but I do know of a few brave souls who will be. I however figured to make the event of a spectacular geek film such as this happening, especially the week after the grandest gathering of geeks in the Calgary area, should do a question pertaining to such an event.

The Question Is:

If I was a super ( basic strength and durability ) which avenger would I want to fight?

I am an actual comic reader albeit that the Avengers is not my favorite series I have read for this topic I will be listing off according to the comics not just the new movie.

1. The Hulk
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In the comics any battle with the Hulk is fantastic multiple comic battle that is sure to level an entire city. To be apart of a brawl of that magnitude would be fun I believe. My brawn being put to the ultimate test to the death against a pair of giant green meat mitts, it would be the kind of battle that would be told of for generations to come, children would be told of the epic with the moral of the story being... "don't bite off more then you can chew".

2. Thor
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Combat against a God, not just any god mind you but the master of thunder. To try to match my hand and might against Thor and his powerful companion Mjolnir would be a battle that long afterwards I could say "it was awesome", even if I lost. The son of Odin himself faced off against a puny mortal such as myself in an all out battle for honor.

3. The Ant-Man
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What happens when an experiment goes wrong and changes the scientist forever into a super being, but the scientist isn't evil, you get The Ant-Man ( and the hulk, mr fantastic, and many many more). His ability to change size and the control he has over giant ants would make him a worthy advisory.

4. Hawk-Eye
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My good friend Mr. Devo has an affinity for heroes who wield bows and Hawk-eye is no exception. The challenge here is to be quick and dodge his swift arrows but none the less a strength vs speed battle is always intense. Hawk-Eye may not be a super but he is still quite the match for any one with powers, his cunning and speed makes him able to deal blows to even the most powerful of foes.

5. Captain America
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I hate CA so much and the only reason he makes this list is because I want to beat his "patriotic" face in. Sorry normally I have good reasons for my lists but I just always want to throttle this little pricks throat. Seriously who thinks this jack ass is cool and how does he continue to have comics about him, he is the type of hero who needs to fade away. Don't get me wrong Chris Evens does a fantastic job portraying him in the movie and it is the first time I have ever said wow about anything involving captain America but I really hate the character.

So here's to watching The Avengers and enjoying the geekdom made main stream.

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