Monday, April 30, 2012

How to Survive A Zombie Apocalypse: Duct Tape

This little guy was made by my friend Jace check her out her stuff here:

One item that no House, Car or Zombie Survivor should never be with out is a good old roll of Duct Tape. This handy dandy adhesive is one of the more useful simple things you can carry cause in a pinch it can be used to fix anything or fortify or even be used to make a light weight armor. So make sure that you carry a couple of rolls with you when ever you go out cause the amount of uses is endless
For example if you get injured (not bitten) you can use duct tape as a quick way to stop the bleeding until the proper medical attention can be administered. One of the best things you can do to make impromptu armor is wrap your jacket and pants in a layer of duct tape and instant light bite proof armor. One should always remember the silver rule (because duct tape is silver get it) is that if it moves and it shouldn't then use duct tape. By putting a couple of strips across a window it makes the tensile strength of the window stronger by a significant amount.
This is one of the cheapest and most essential pieces of equipment that an ultimate survivor should have on their person 

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