Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What If Wednesdays: Super Powers

What if, what if, what if

To keep up with my organization plan to keep on blogging every week I set my days into what I am talking about. Today being a fabulous Wednesday that means it is time for What If Wednesdays. This week the app I use to come up with my "what ifs" has given me a question that I have discussed with my friends, and anyone who will lend me their ear.

Now for the question:


Every comic book or film geek under the sun has at some point or another really thought about what power they would want if they could have any. This also comes at a perfect time because over the weekend I watched a show called Misfits. How did I spend my Easter that's right on the couch with Mr. Devo watching a British show about teen delinquents gaining super powers. I digress back to the subject at hand however.

1. Enhanced regenerative abilities
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This is not just because (SPOILER ALERT) Nathan gains that ability at the end of season one. I have always wanted this ability ever since I started to read the X-men comics and learned of Wolverine's power behind the claws. I would use this power to jump from buildings and do all sorts of crazy stunts that should kill me, even if I felt the pain of such things I figure eventually my pain senses would dull themselves.

2. Elemental Powers
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I don't really care what element, I do have a preference to wind or earth because I feel those would be the most fun. This desire came about after watching Avatar the Last Airbender, with all the different benders in that show it made me wish that by performing a martial art I can bend the elements to my whim.

3. Teleportation
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I have said before and I will say it again Nightcrawler is the shit. I would really abuse the shit out of that power, I would become super lazy. Depending on the reaches of the ability I would travel the world like Hayden Christensen in jumper.

4. Muscular Memory Mimic

This one is a little weirder, in season two of heroes there is a girl who has the ability if she can see some one do something she can do it. I would watch so many parcour videos until I could just free run to work. YouTube would become my very own portfolio of things I am capable of.

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This last one was a harder choice

5. Super Speed
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If I could run anywhere I wanted it would just be amazing. No need for a car when I can get anywhere faster by foot. I would be like Brian from Family guy when they got the powers "ask me how the queens doing." "how's the ..." "shes good"

I love super hero comics and movies so this one was easy. One day I plan on doing a blog on character Bios on the league of super douchebags, the super group of my friends

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