Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dungeons and Resources: Donjon

Photobucket Pictures, Images and PhotosAs I talked about yesterday the Internet is a fabulous tool for learning and doing many things. For the most part people today use the Internet as a means of social networking, and to keep themselves up to date with the media.
As a gamer I utilize the Internet for it's many gaming resources, wether it is a walk through for the game I am currently playing or a forum to swap ideas and tips on my favorite table top game. I am always looking for good sites to help me to flush out my table top games, to add an element of realism and make the players feel more immersed in the world I have created. Sometimes I find myself struggling to come up with something new, so I find myself turning to the Internet for new and exciting things.
This is when I discovered my first random generator and my love affaire began. First I discovered a simple random name generator, nothing super special just a simple code that spewed out a random name from a list of maybe a hundred. Over time I tried dozens and kept moving on to bigger and more advanced generators to fit my needs.
So now to share with you one of my most frequented, this one I use for magical treasure and to create monstrous dungeons.
Are you ready for this?

Here: http://donjon.bin.sh/

This I find to be a spectacular site.

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