Monday, April 9, 2012

How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: Blunt Weapons

Melee weapons come in two shapes Blunt and Edged and every survivor should carry at least one of each type. so lets start by getting to know the basics. The reason that melee weapons beat out fire arms is that a melee weapon doesn't need to be reloaded.First thing first there are three major rules when it comes to using melee weapons.

1. Train Yourself.
become proficient in your weapon of choice, weather you choose a machete or a katana, if you don't know how to use it properly then it is next to useless. so make a target, go out to your backyard and practice with your future survival tool.

2. Take Care of your tools.
If you don't make sure that your weapons are well maintained they will break down on you at an important moment. which could mean life or death this applies to anything that is necessary to your survival.

3. Always have a backup.
like the old saying goes two heads are better then one, so can be applied to your arsenal. granted that carting around extra weapons could become tiresome but in a pinch and extra can really save your life.

caution needs to be headed however when buying weapons like swords, make sure they are not just display or decorative swords. Remember that almost anything can be improvised as a blunt melee but if it is improvised then it wont last longer then one encounter. like a two by four is good for a while but you would be better off with some thing that is meant to deal a beating.

on to the subject at hand what to do when picking out a blunt weapon.

One of my top choices for a blunt weapon would be a sturdy piece of sporting equipment such as an aluminum baseball bat or a wooden cricket paddle. These types of equipment were designed to take quite a bit of abuse so they wont break to easy. With these types of gear try to avoid anything made out of composite materials they tend to weigh less but they have a much weaker breaking point.

Something that is multipurpose is usually what would do better in a situation where you are going to need to do a lot of things while carrying as little as possible. So my recommendation if you want to travel light then pull a half life and bust out the trusty old crowbar.

If you are strong enough and want to use a blunt weapon as your primary weapon you could probably do a lot of damage while wielding a fifteen pound sledge hammer. Cracking zombie skulls would be a breeze toting one of these things around with you. The only down side is that lugging that around could be very tiring after an extended period of time,

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