Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What if Wednesday: horror movies

And the roulette wheel lands on... Horror, oh what the horror. For this weeks installment of What If Wednesday I am asked the what if question of " If you could be any horror movie monster who would you be?
So here we go top 5 movie monsters I would like to be

1. Godzilla
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Just imagine some one pissed you off by coming to your home and polluting in it or just trying to sell you shit you don't need, so what do you do as payback, destroy a fucking city. When you are 20 stories tall the world is your bloody oyster, you can do what you want because if anyone tries to stop you, well just step on them. On top of that blue oyster cult wrote a fearing song about just how awesome you are.

2. Dracula
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Or any vampire the doesn't sparkle realistically. Living for eternity after eternity enjoying the finer points of life like sex with crazy vampire chicks what's not to enjoy. People will say but what about the sun, to which I reply bah to the sun it hurts my eyes burns my skin and gives me a headache. Pasty skin and no reflection, endless time to peruse my hobbies being a vampire is the life for me.

3. Predator
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The thrill of hunting down crazed and powerful beasts from across a vast amount of galaxies. It would be awesome to have the active camouflage like they do and walk around being entirely invisible and just wreak mayhem everywhere I go. Now to think of the crazy as sin tech at my disposal nets, guns and spaceships man it would be awesome

4. Freddy Krueger
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Life would be a dream... literally I would be living in dreams. It would be like the ultimate game of grand theft auto where you could kill, maim and slaughter to your hearts content. The amount of fun you could have with that is endless. Now let's have a look at his hand, it is like wolverine on steroids.

5. Creature from the Black lagoon
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Being amphibious would be pretty cool and terrorizing the locals by jumping out of the water would be fun. I would honestly spend my days just playing pranks on fishermen an unsuspecting swimmers.

If I were a monster I would be just a little shit all the time.

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