Thursday, April 19, 2012

What did I Just Watch?: Dark side of the Moon

I am sorry that I missed my What if wednesday yesterday, unfortunately I was sick and drifting in and out of sleep while on my couch. I won't be posting one this week however due to my belief that one cannot undo ones mistakes only choose to look forward to the future. Have no fear because I shall be writing a movie review for you today.

Transformers: Dark-side of the moon
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I am just come right out and say this, I liked this movie much better then rise of the fallen. The only part I liked about Rise is when Optimus died I found that to be well done and it actually brought a tear to my eye. However plot wise it sucked but alas I am not reviewing that flick so on to Dark Side of the Moon.
To begin like every transformers flick so far we start with Sam Witwicky right back where he started being a looser and having to go against the "evil" bureaucratic government. Once again Sam is dating a chick who is way out of his league but at least this time it is not played by the terrible Megan Fox and is instead played by Victoria's Secret model who has better acting chops.
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Then he aligns himself with some off the beaten trail colourful characters and that brings me to my first positive thing about this movie.
Introducing Alan Tudyk as Dutch the crazy reformed German hitman. As a massive firefly geek this makes me happy to see Wash on the big screen again and this in my mind a win for the film.
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Now the ploy for this film revolves around Optimus Prime finding the lost former leader of the Autobots. Sentinel Prime is again awesomely voiced by the one and only geekgasim inducing Leonard Nimoy. This choice in voice acting actually is again another plus for the film.
The plot continues to have everyone find out that the new leader of the Autobots has teamed up with the leader of the Decepticons to enslave the human race. With a small group of humans joining them so as to not be killed or forced into hard slavery, this group is lead by Mr. McDreamy himself Patrick Dempsey. I do enjoy when Patrick plays a rich douchey bad guy.
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The biggest reason that I liked this film is that the got rid of those annoying stereotype boys from the second one. Instead having a pair of awesome Scottish type assholes who have an affinity for weapons.
This film is not the best in the world but it is ten times better then the second one and I believe that for an action flick it is pretty good. Visually speaking this film kinda knocked my socks off. I give it one thumb up to be terribly cliche.
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  1. The move was the best in the series. Except the toy line that accompanied it sucked compared to the ROTF toy line.