Thursday, April 19, 2012

WTF Hollywood: LOL

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The world has seen Disney princess star after star rise and fall, and to be quite honest I don't know if I speak for the rest of the world but all I can say is please for the sake of cinema stop. This is aimed at the newest Disney heiress breaking out of her Mickey Mouse restraints little miss Miley Cyrus. We get it you think you are a serous actress, but please stop and take a look around you.
The "feature" film that you are releasing looks just like every single teen drama ever released. Also naming the flick LOL seems like a desperate attempt to make it seem like the movie industry is actually "hip" and "cool". This film appears to be a very uncreative attempt to recreate a Hilary Duff film that was so bad it went straight to DVD.
Sorry Miley but your daddy is done with you Disney is done with you and all the rest of us were hoping your fifteen minutes were up 30 minutes ago. So please don't destroy the movie industry and just bow out of the spot light gracefully.
Check it out here:

If you dare

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