Monday, April 23, 2012

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse: Knots

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One of my favorite movies that my father showed me when I was growing up is the film "the Boondock Saints" and one line from that film always stuck "you and your fucking rope". It makes me laugh and I say it all the time and my friends say it to me all the time. Truly however is rope is one of the most useful things and is not something to be laughed at, in times of trouble a good length of rope could save your life.
Any survivalist worth his or her weight will always take rope with them, and when the zombies attack your kit should include rope of some sort. Personally I recommend that just for basic principle everyone should learn how to tie knots, all kinds of knots. If you were not a scout or girl guide as a child fear knot ( yup I went there ) for there is an excellent website with which you can use to learn how.

Check it out here:

In your emergency survival kit you should have a long length of rope. This to me is one of the primary staples for an emergency kit.

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