Friday, April 27, 2012

What Am I Watching?: A lonely place to die

So I have an affinity with films that are twisted and have a slight edge to them, the kind of flicks that make people jump in their seats. My movie preferences also include action films and a good old blood bath inducing slasher. So for anyone who has read these knows that I am terrible at giving things away and I don't try to hid it so warning SPOILER ALERT! I will say this however I highly recommend people to watch this movie it is truly amazing.

If you don't want the movie to be wrecked then stop reading now!

Start on a cliff face dangling high off the ground we are introduced to three of the main characters of whom only one will survive. Apply basic horror movie principles to figure out who and continue with the film. Almost immediately we as the audience are mad to dislike one of the characters as he pulls a stupid move and nearly kills two of them.
Move on to a remote cabin in the woods where any good thriller or slasher should take place, the actors do an amazing job making you get a feel for them and begin to make connections. This is where things take a turn off of the well beaten slasher movie track and you discover that all the characters are 30 something's who are generally good people.
Hiking in the woods we find initial asshole is still an asshole, and then they find a little girl buried in the ground. Shit gets really men act like men an make plans of action and women act like women and do motherly things. Thusly a plan is hatched where we split in to two groups, the experienced climbers will go to this place named devils something or other while the newbies go around the long way with the girl so the others can get help. Yup a plan that involves splitting up is always the best plan.
Next we as viewers find ourselves watch as our experienced climbers try to traversed towards a treacherous talus, yup I adore amazing alliterations and a talus is a cliff I looked it up. The lead begins her dangerous descent down the cliff and the suspense is palpable. I was on the edge of my seat as I watched this scene.
Now I don't want to give a play by play on this film as fun as that would be I want people to watch it, because the more people who watch this the more money the folks behind this brilliance get. Hopefully with enough money they can make another amazing movie like this. I had one issue with this film and only one, the dilemma posed by the people who are trying to pay off the kidnappers and fiscally retrieve the girl. They say things about the girl that never really get explained and that bothers me, but otherwise this film is amazing.

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