Friday, April 13, 2012

Recipe Minion is an awesome app

Gone are the days of recipe cards of yesteryear with hand written cue cards depicting the recipes bestowed upon us by our admiring grandmothers. So to keep with the times I decided that I needed to find a way to digitize my personal cook book while still being able to add to it.
My biggest need however was to make it portable so I could look up a recipe and what it needed while wandering about the local grocery store.
I have been on the prowl for a while now, hunting and searching for an illusive treasure. My goal, to discover an app with a purpose but not just any old purpose but one that allows me to document my recipes. At first I thought that would be an easy task because if I had thought of it then surely so had someone else, someone who possessed the skills necessary to create the product for which I need. Alas that for weeks I searched only to find apps filled with many a recipe but non where I could create mine own.
Until yesterday when I finally found my rosette stone hidden in the app store. Recipe Minion! If you are like me and make your own recipes or even just compile them from around the net then this is the app you need. No sharing with others just, or making user names or just an already built cook book.
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The app is fairly straight forward and gives appropriate sections to add all the details necessary for any good recipe. The bright colours make it fun for me to use and I absolutely adore the adorable little recipe minion who is the mascot for the app.
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I seriously think that all the chefs and recreational cooks should get this app for themselves.

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