Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What If Wednesdays: Superheroes

What If? So many questions start with those two words, and we all say it especially all of the dreamers, and the neigh sayers too. Every week I try to come up with the best what if's and give five answers to what I would do or who would I be or where would I go. Life is filled with people saying if, it seems like everyday people are always saying if this were to happen or if that were to happen. Well here is me taking all those ifs and saying to myself well I guess in that situation I would want this to happen. This weekend here in good old Calgary is the Calgary Comic Expo, I look forward to this all year and for this week it is pretty much the only thing on my mind. As most of my free time is spent putting the finishing touches on my costume and excitedly tittering about who is going to be there and how amazing it going to be. I decided that since comics and geekyness are the number one topics in my world right now I figured that a very geeky what if was in need for this week. Here it is: "If I could be any super hero who would I be?" For all of those who know me they know how much of a massive marvel fanboy I am, so for those of you who don't personally know me will soon discover consider yourself warned. 1. Wolverine Photobucket Yes I know that he is the number one known marvel superhero but he is my absolute favorite, so he is my first choice for a superhero. As I have stated before my reason for liking wolverine is not because of his claws, which are still freaking badass, but it is because of his amazing healing ability. I love the idea of being able to just heal any wound and to be quite honest if I had the ability I would be doing a lot of crazy extreme sports. 2. Spiderman Photobucket Swinging from building to building by webs would by thrilling, feeling the wind rush through my hair as I seemingly free fall in the streets. I have always wanted to be as spry and acrobatic, too move around the way Peter Parker does when is wearing the red mask is something that has always appealed to me. That and being able to straight climb up a wall all crazy girl from the exorcist would be too much fun and a great joke to play on your friends when they are super drunk. 3. Colossus Photobucket Skin of steel, ya what is not to like because seriously what is not cool about that? You would be a living breathing tank, being completely invulnerable to damage you could walk in and out of every kind of bad situation basically the ultimate super hero. 4. Nightcrawler Photobucket Poof here and Poof there Poof every where, I would have so much fun just popping up all over the place and scaring the living shit out of people would also be beyond entertaining. The best part about it however would be looking like a blue freaking demon, yup I would do a lot of awesome things looking like that. But let us not forget about his amazing prehensile tail, hasn't everyone always wanted a freaking amazing monkey tail. 5. Iron Man Photobucket Billionaire playboy with a super suit that is packed to the teeth with gadgets and gizmos. I like the idea of a super hero whose only amazing ability is that he is a genius. The idea that with alot of money and hard work anybody could be a superhero.

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