Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dungeons and Resources: the twilight horizon

For those of you who game might I recommend you try your hand at shadowrun. This is one of the bigger role playing games and is my personal favorite, I have been GMing this one for quite some time on and off. I had originally started it with one group and transferred it to my new group. This game holds so close to my heart cause it was the first RPG I ever ran. I had to spend many an hour to amerce myself into this world.
So I recently, as in on Sunday, I bought and downloaded off of my favorite source site drive thru RPG one of the new shadowrun source books, The Twilight Horizon. Now this is a fourth edition book and I run a 3.5 campaign but a new source book is always a welcome sight, because any book can be helpful to a run. I always find I have to alter the stories to fit my campaign but they sometimes give me interesting ideas to make a challenge for my players.
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If you are looking for a good set of different runs for any modern or futuristic style campaigns

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