Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What if Wednesdays: Tattoos

I find it challenging to come up with these what if questions every week, and more or less I use them as a creative exercise to flex my mental muscles. To come up with these I downloaded an app to make things a little easier so that I can focus more on my answers then on what questions I should ask. That being said some times I get questions that for me are a little ridiculous for example the question was "if you had to get a tattoo, what would it be and where would you get it?" for me this is ridiculous because I already have four and am planning a whole bunch. Truth be told I have a sitting scheduled for later next month to colour one of my current pieces. I decided that I would tailor this question to fit my personality, so instead the new question is more of a list and less of a what if

What are my next five tattoos going to be

1. The weekend following my wedding this August my Wifey and I are getting puzzle pieces tattooed on our ring fingers. The puzzle pieces will be set so if we interlock our fingers the pieces will look like they fit together. I think this really represents us as a couple because with her I feel like I found my missing piece. Trust me I am very aware of how cheesy it sounds but it is the truth about how I feel.

2. On November 15th the day after my birthday I plan on getting a pair of wings tattooed on my right ankle because it will be the two year anniversary of the suicide of my best friend growing up. I am trying to think of something to say on a banner stretched between the wings but right now I am drawing a blank, something hopefully to remind me of him and express my remorse for not being a good friend in the last couple years, Perhaps a Marley quote.

3. On my right forearm I plan on getting an tattoo depicting Aries the Greek god of war to battle against Poseidon on my left fore arm.

4. A lot of tattoo parlors around the city have events where for a donation to charity you can get a small tattoo for a very cheap price. I plan on utilizing these to get a ring around my right bicep with the crests of the digidestened inside the ring one crest at a time.

5. A flaming bucking bronco on my right upper arm to represent the city of Calgary, where I have lived and grown in since I was four years old.

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