Tuesday, September 18, 2012

YYC Food Crusade: 1 Mango Shiva

There was a time when both Wifey and tried to start blogging and to make something of it, mine initially was to record my progress on my web comic (News Flash not very fast). Hers was a little different her goal was to go to a hundred local restaurants in Calgary and review them. She titled it the Food Crusade, she built a map stuck pins in it where they all were and made a plan of attack. The problem she ran into was twofold first the amount of time to actually go to each of these restaurants and review them and secondly we were poor students.

Well now I think that I am going to pick up where she left off, take all the planning that never got used and utilize it. Don’t think that I am not putting any work in myself or stealing her good idea and she wont reap the rewards, because more than likely my lovely Wifey will be at my side for all of this. I don’t plan to be anywhere near as aggressive in my goals as she had set out to be with her goal of a certain amount in a year. My goal is that I want to explore and review the many interesting food places located throughout my home town.

One of the major differences between her Crusade idea and what I am doing is that she gave herself a time restriction I am not. For my food crusade I plan on making it a compounding blog series that I will update regularly as I find interesting places to eat at.

I guess I should lay down some ground rules about what restaurants qualify and which don’t make the cut.

Rule 1: The Restaurant cannot be a chain fast food joint. This doesn’t disqualify burger joints just nothing like McDonalds, BK, Fat Burger, or Pizza Huts

Rule 2: The Restaurant cannot be part of a large franchise scheme. Therefore I cannot go to anything like The Keg, Boston Pizza, Moxies or East Side Mario’s.

Rule 3: I must order different things. Obviously we all have our likes and dislikes but this means I will not be always ordering a burger, unless that is the type of restraint or it is their specialty.

Rule 4: I must take photos of, the outside, the inside and some of the food that is ordered. I like to keep my blog looking interesting and this will help me to improve my photoskills.

Rule 5: I cannot go to anywhere solo. It is not safe to go alone here take this… Obtained Friends. I have been told that I need to get out and socialize more and this to me seems like the perfect excuse to do so.

Pretty Basic stuff huh so Time to start I guess post number 1

This is a lovely little Indian restaurant located in downtown Calgary right on the popular Stephan Ave. From the outside it looks very plain with tempting smells and delightful music wafting out it is hard to not want to enter.

Being new to the establishment my Wifey being as smart as she is asked the host what his recommendations were. Every restaurant will have its own specialties and the staff knows what their place of business’ strong suit is. The host gave us about four excellent recommendations including what his personal favorite dish was, he made it sound so appealing that I had to try it for myself.

While we were thinking over what we wanted the host brought us out a plate of something to nibble on. I didn’t catch what it was called but it was a kind of thin flat bread that was crispy and it came with a light and sweet mango sauce.

One thing defiantly tickled my fancy, when I ordered my coke they brought it to me in a glass bottle.

Both Wifey and I ordered from the recommendations given to us by the host, I had Coconut Curried Shrimp with Garlic Nan Bread while Wifey had the Butter Chicken with basmati rice. When the orders arrived they smelled so wonderful that we could not help but dive right in to them without being able to snap any pictures. The way that my shrimp tasted was superb, it was an exotic almost tropical sweet with a little kick of subtle spices. I had a taste of the butter chicken that Wifey had ordered and it had this delightful zingy taste that was not overwhelming spicy.

I almost forgot about a little something that I found very humorous and very creepy at the same time. When I went to the bathroom I discovered that the wall paper right above the urinal was a kaleidoscope image of a little guy doing the fusion dance from Dragonball Z. 

I guess I should come up with a rating system for the food crusade so as to keep consistency of my reviews. Hmm I think I will use a three category system that will include food, service and atmosphere out of five and would give an overall rating out of 15.

So Mango Shiva gets a

Food:               4.5
Service:           3
Atmosphere:   4

Total:               11.5 out of 15

I would really recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking to take a step out of their normal culinary experiences.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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