Wednesday, September 26, 2012

YYC Adventures: Calgary Horror Con

Next week is the beginning of what I like to call the month of terror, or as those who are a bit more mundane like to call it October. This time of year means that the leaves on the trees are dying off and changing to brilliant hues of orange and yellow. This month also witnesses all the ghouls and goblins as they prepare for the coming of their favorite holiday All Hallows Eve better known as Halloween.

Well during the weekend that has just passed I went to witness some of the anticipation building up for this holiday. The gathering that I am talking about is called Horror-Con and is relatively new to the city of Calgary. This toddler of a convention is only a whopping two years old but already it has begun to grow support and in size.

Find out more about them here: Horror Con

The only reason that I found out about this wonderful event is because I was informed two days prior by a close friend of mine. At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to go at all but another friend agreed to go with me and then last minute my Wifey decided to join us. Boy am I ever glad that I did go but my one and only regret is not having brought a lot of cash with me.

At the event there were a significant amount of booths that were selling some really outstanding wares. Amongst the ranks of these vendors there was a booth operated by one of my friends and the reason I was intrigued enough to attend. The friend I am talking about is the lovely lady who so graciously made the cake toppers for my wedding.

Check out her wares here: Grave Digger Fashions
Or her DA account: CootieTourniquet

Besides my good friend Jace’s booth there was a great deal of other really amazing booths to see pedaling their wares. A great deal of very talented artists who have an affinity for the horror genre were all gathered together and resulted in a good time for all.

Take a Look

Even the Southern Alberta Lego User Group Calgary Chapter were at Horror-Con and representing the art of the genre through the use of lego.

Find out more about them here: Southern Alberta Lego User Group Calgary Chapter

The group that I was with even partook in one of the many stage shows that they were doing, I witnessed a very gothic singer performing his music.

One of the booths that was featured at the convention was a tattoo artist who was doing ink for those who wanted it, including my good friend Mr. Devo. Unfortunately I was not around to witness him doing this mostly because he did it on the second day of the con which I could not attend. I really wish that I had some cash to buy some of the stuff there and I know that Wifey feels the same. We did get ourselves some spookily adorable little cupcakes from one of the vendors and I collected a business card from the vendors that I did like.

This was really cool and now that I know of its existence I will watch for the Calgary Horror Convention next year.

Sincerely Urban Yeti