Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wow from Around the Net: 80's Star Wars

Sometimes I find that I like to take a movie or show I like and imagine what it would happen if it was a different genre. For example let us imagine if the movie Fight Club had been a Victorian era historical piece, think of how different that would be. Ok that was off the top of my head and I think I need to actually make that one day.

The internet is filled with images of major geekdoms that an artist has gone and changed the genre. Hell I would say that at least 40 percent of Deviant Art is made up of such pieces of fan art, this is just a hyperbole and not an actual statistic.

On Deviant Art I found this artist by the handle DenisM79 who decided that it would be interesting to take the Star Wars movies and re-imagine them as an 80’s high school film. Think Ferris Bueller’s meets the lost boys and I think that is what this film would be like if it was real. Even if it isn’t real I think that the concept art is awesome and if you are a DA user this artist is worth watching.

I would watch the shit our of this film I swear by that, maybe head over to DA and send DenisM79 a llama badge, I know I did.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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