Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weekend Adventures: IGSA

When I was a kid I tried my hand at skateboarding like most little boys my age because Bart Simpson made it look so cool. Due to my short size I have low center of gravity and therefore amazing balance but in the end I was terrible and quickly gave up on this hobby. Long did my severely lacking boarding skills lay dormant until a good friend of mine introduced me to Long Boarding.

I am not quick on a long board but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying a good ride as a means of transportation this is not a bad option. The feel of the wind as it laps at my face while I casually coast down the street is actually very refreshing. By no means am I the type of long board rider who has a need for speed when it comes down to this medium of transport, I am still fresh to this whole thing.

Over the weekend there was a large organized event that highlights the super stars of the long boarding sport. The Labor Day weekend brought with it a event sponsored by the IGSA (International GravitySports Association) at COP (Canada Olympic Park) here in Calgary. IGSA World Championship happened all weekend with the qualifying heats happening on Saturday and the final heat being on Sunday.

Since Devo is the one who introduced me to the wonderful world of long boarding I think it was only fitting that I took him to this event. I always enjoy going out to festivals and events like this with my camera in tow to learn new things and to see what I can see. I am glad that I took Devo with me because of him running into an acquaintance we each got a free shirt and I love free swag. 

Devo and I hiked up along the track with my camera in tow and I got a lot of amazing shots of the street lugers and the downhill skateboarders. We positioned ourselves on the side of a hair pin turn and got a great view of all the racers as they careened down the slope.

This was an awesome event to watch and to think some of these guys were clocking 90 km/hr standing on a piece of wood with wheels it is nuts.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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