Monday, September 24, 2012

Wedding Aftermath: Photo Segment 5

The week that has just past, was somewhat busy for me leading up to and including the weekend. I had planned to put up the majority of my wedding photos but due to life I was unable to achieve this small goal also I missed out on my weekly “tablespoon of Geek” segment. So here I am at the beginning of another week that promises to be just as busy and if possible it could be more eventful.

Now I always try my hardest to be a man of my word and during last week I made some promises that I intend to keep. The promise in particular that I am referring to in this post is uploading the next batch of my wedding photos. So far, if you have been keeping tabs I have uploaded the getting ready, the ceremony and the first half of the photos done during the break between ceremony and reception.

So we spent a majority of our time during the time between the two major events taking photos at Heritage Park. Unfortunately however we didn’t get to do all the photos we had hoped for at the Historical Village due to time restraints so we had to improvise a little. At first we tried to do the remaining shots in the field across the street from my In-Laws house but due to the lighting we didn’t stay there. Our next location after we mucked about on the side of the road was to head down to a playground half a block away from my childhood home.

We had a lot of fun being dressed all dapper and fancy playing on a play ground and climbing on big rocks. At this point my bride was a little tired and hungry which resulted in her becoming a little un-agreeable and grumpy. This time on the play structure gave me and my best man a chance to do some tricks with our canes.

The more wedding stuff I look at and blog about the more I realize there is to share with the world. Tomorrow it is my best intent to post the last of the wedding photos up, the photos from the reception dinner. I am also looking into getting photos from family and friends still but maybe those will surface when we send out the thank you cards.

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